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People have always been mesmerized by knowing what the future holds for them, or where their present path is leading them to. That is why people have always gone to look for fortune tellers and psychics, to answer their questions such as; “Is he the right person for me?” “What has tomorrow in store for me?” “Should I quit my job?” or “When will I find a job?” All these questions are a real frustration to people at times and need answering. That is why spiritum.com has become one of the popular sites for people to look for their readings and spiritual guidance.

Spiritum is an online psychic website of psychic experts from around the globe. This is the place where virtually anyone can create their own user account and have themselves a reading by any psychic available at the time of need. The website has a firm base of authentic psychic advisors, allowing everyone to have an in-depth connection and communication with an experienced, talented and intuitive expert who uses certain divination methods to give you the answers you are looking for.

What is Spiritum?

The site is known to be a worldwide esoteric community, that brings to you some of the world’s best psychics right to your reach. What makes the website unique is that they offer some of the best psychics from the local country and allow you to connect with them in your native language, allowing for greater understanding.

Spiritum is owned by the same company as the very popular Eso.tv. Never heard of it? It is a large global powerhouse producer of live tv, with all sorts of interactive tv shows that revolve around life advice on different topics to its viewers. Every month the company produces over 750 hours of live show material, which are broadcasted in over 14 countries all over the globe.

free online psychic answers to questions

Who are the psychics?

Spiritum is known for handpicking their advisors, and continue to monitor their performances even after they have been added to work on their website. There for not everyone can join their team. That makes for a high quality performance and assures the users of their long-term and consistent quality assurance at all times.

This page offers a genuine psychic interaction, there is no pre-programmed scripts or fake characters. Every interaction with psychics on the website is personalized as well as every reading is real time one on one session with an expert on the topic you choose. As the website promotes different readings such as tarot card readings, numerology readings, chakra reading and healing, astrology reading, and other ancient practices, they also make sure they have the leading experts with many experiences on the topic before listing them on their page.

Spiritual advisors profiles

Spiritum has a very simple template design that is easy to browse through. Every step you wish to take on the website is very clearly laid out on the site, showing all details needed to be able to navigate through available psychics on the site. There is no need to dig for psychic advisor’s profiles, they are shown right on the home page. Their profiles disclose their expertise, experience, what and how they do it, but also have their rates displayed. You can also find customer ratings in their profile as well as number of people they have helped through interaction on the website. Right under the psychics profiles you can see the button: “Free Chat”, “Online”, “Busy Now”, and “Offline”.

10 minute free conversation with any of the psychics you choose

When under psychic’s profile summary the “Free Chat” button is displayed, anyone is welcome to participate in the feature, just click the button and start your interaction. You can see the psychic as well as hear and you can also message the psychic as you click on the button. The free chat is offered free of charge for everyone, no need to be a member to see the free chat feature up close. The website offers a 10 minute free conversation with any of the psychics you choose, so you have an option to find the psychic that will fit your needs on your own terms, no rush.

When under psychics profile the “Online” button is seen, it means that the psychic is ready for you to take them to private reading only, but is not available for free chat. And if you see the “Busy Now” button displayed under the psychics profile, it means they are currently unavailable for you to take them to private reading, because they have a private reading in session. And the “Offline” button displayed on the bottom of their profile would mean just that, they are at that time unavailable.

How to become a member

Becoming a member on Spiritum is free, so everyone can register at any time. At time when you are ready to commit to a private reading with your chosen psychic, you will be forwarded to section where you will need to make a purchase of credits, which you can use in acquiring psychic services. There is a variety of different credit packs you can choose from, they start at a price of $19.99 up to $99.99. Now even psychics have different rates which start at $0.99 per minute, but not everyone has same rates. Check for individual psychic rates before taking them to private reading.

Services you can experience from psychics are private chats, private readings and private video chats. This way you can experience the most personalized session and a satisfying guidance.


  • Many different Languages – the site offers many different languages, which makes for an easier interaction for many people allowing them easier way to express what they want to say.
  • Easy way of Use – the site is very straightforward making it very easy for user to find everything they came to look for.
  • Large Number of Psychics – website has hundreds of expert psychics from around the world, not just from one country, available at all times.
  • Satisfaction Warranty Offered – if for any reason you are not satisfied with the reading from a certain psychic, you can get the very same service from another psychic listed on the site for free.


  • Psychics are not listed in categories – this makes it a little difficult to find the psychic that you are looking for when there is no categories listed. For example if you want to have a tarot card reading, you have to browse through the website’s long list of psychic advisors to look for a specific psychic with the ability that you want.
  • Single focus service – there is no community, blog, or any other supplemental feature on the site that would provide other experiences, the site is basically focused on free chat and psychic readings provided by the advisors, no additional educational information on topic of spirituality.

Who is Spiritum good for?

Spiritum is a good website for everyone who wants to have a psychic reading for themselves. The very good feature they have is they offer 10 minutes free chat with the psychic of your choosing and that gives you enough time to figure out whether they are the right match for you even if you do not have any experience with psychic advisors. Also you do not have to be a registered member to use the 10 free minutes. This is also a feature new clients benefit from most, giving them time to ask questions about spirituality and get the first hand introduction to it by an expert on the topic.

The conclusion

This site is a good source of psychics from the entire globe. And with the many different languages they promote, everyone can find their options outside the knowledge of english language. The free 10 minutes are definitely their best feature, giving people the chance to get to know the spiritual world without having to commit to pay straight out. It does however take some much needed time to browse through the website’s psychics before finding the right one, given the fact they are not listed in groups for their expertise. But since summaries of their Profiles are visible under their display on the home side, with a little reading you can browse through the information in fairly ok time.

Spiritum promotes affordable prices, is user-friendly, and brings world’s best psychics in the business to your reach.

free online psychic answers to questions

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Judy Nyssa Tanko

Judy Nyssa Tanko

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