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We all dream of winning lottery jackpots. Unfortunately, that is a dream that only comes true to a lucky few. Although most people say that winning lottery is based on proven strategies, fact still remains that majority of people who win lottery depend on luck. 

So the big question is, how can you change your own luck to improve your chances of winning lottery prizes including jackpots that will change your life forever? The recommended way to increase your luck is by performing lottery spells. 

These spells can really help you to connect with energy of money. If you master how to perform these spells correctly, then your chances of winning lottery jackpots will greatly improve. 

How To Correctly Perform Lottery Spells To Win Big

Performing lottery spell is crucial for the success of winning lottery. 

If you really want to cast these spells correctly, then you must first believe that spells actually works.

In addition to that, you must be able to connect correctly with energy of money.

You also need to carefully listen to your inner intuition and patiently wait for results.

You will not get the results that you are looking for immediately. Sometimes it can take a few months before the spell starts taking effect.

After you have successfully performed the spell, your instinct will direct you to the right location where you can buy your ticket. You will know the exact ticket to buy as well as the best time to make a purchase.

When the spell has started to take effect, you will feel something unusual when purchasing the ticket. In most cases, the feeling of excitement will overwhelm you. You will feel extremely confident and joyous when playing the lottery. 
So are you looking for good luck spells to win the lottery? If yes then today you are in the right place. Below are 10 great spells to perform to increase you chances of winning the lottery.

10 Lottery Spells That Work Immediately

 1. Invoke The Goddess of Madal 

It involves invoking goddess of luck known as Madal. This goddess will ensure that your odds of winning lottery jackpot increases significantly by all means possible.

All that you need to go is to perform this particular spell on a daily basis for a period of one week.


Go and sit down under a tree with your legs crossed. 

The best time to cast the spell in the evening when darkness has started to appear.

Step 2: 

Repeat the following words, “AEH MADAL MERU JEET HUJADO” over a thousand times in about 5 minutes.

The best way to keep track of your counting is by using a rosary bead that has 1000 beads. It is important to say the spell 1000 times if you want it to work. It is therefore very important to always keep track of your chants. 

Step 3: 

Lighting up an incense will also help to boost power of this spell.

If you perform this spell correctly as instructed, then you will greatly improve your luck of winning lottery.  

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2. Honey Bread Ball Spell 

All that you need to successful perform this powerful spell is money as well as bread.

Step 1:

Before you cast this spell, take a bath to wash away all the negative energy then add incense smell to the clothes that you will wear.

Step 2:

Spread honey to few pieces of bread and make ten ball from the honey bread. 

Step 3:

Take the 10 bread balls that you have created and gently feed them to animals you find outside. 

Step 4:

When feeding honey balls to the animals, say this words “DOULAT PEJU HAQHORE”. 

In order for this particular spell to work, you must first believe that it is effective. If performed correctly, this lottery spell can change your luck thus helping you to win tons of lottery prizes including jackpots. 

3. Dream Winning Numbers Spell

This spell will significantly improve your odds of winning lottery if performed correctly.

This spell will indeed help you dream about winning numbers so that you can visualize how to choose the right winning numbers.

Before you begin casting this spell, it is crucial to first decide exact game that you wish to play and stick with it!

In order to get the right numbers, you must actually believe that this spell will indeed work for you.

Step 1:

You need to cast this particular spell every single night for nine days.

Step 2:

Start casting it on Thursday night just before you go to bed. Gently lie down on your bed and take a deep breathe. Try as much as possible to clear your mind before you begin casting this spell.

Step 3:

Once you have cleared your mind, start meditating by thinking about the winning numbers. When doing so, say this words, “RIGBERAH JOMIN THURBAZEH”, exactly 100 times.

If you cast this spell right just before you go to bed, you will dream about lottery winning numbers. However, you need to be patient enough and wait until your cast the last spell before you actually go to buy your winning lottery ticket. 

4. Spell for Scratch-Off Tickets 

This powerful spell can help you select the right scratch-off tickets where you can win fast and easy money fast.

Step 1:

The ingredients that you actually need to cast this spell include 3 acorns, 5 kernels of corn as well as small bits of malachite. 

Step 2:

To perform this spell, take malachite, corn kernel and acorns and place them on your hands then gently rub them together. 


When doing this, say this words, “Nuts and seeds on where wealth leads to mix and match then choose a scratch”.

Continue rubbing your hands and don’t stops until everything in your hands falls out.

The following day, take malachite in your hands when buying scratch-off ticket.  

5. Rosewater With Coins 

This spell needs to be done just before you you go to bed.

Step 1:

All that you need to successfully perform this spell is fill a bowl with rose water then put plenty of coins in it. 

Step 2:

While touching the coins that you have placed in the water say this words, “MORA POINITA PAISIE JOYE”.

Step 3:

Say this words over and over again exactly 200 times and when you are done, place your hands on your forehead.

Once you are done, you dreams will tell you what to do next.

6. Ancient Egyptian Spell

This powerful spell can help you win good money that will change your life from any lottery that you choose to play.

This spell works by showing you winning numbers to select.

Step 1:

To perform this spell, you first need to buy a lottery ticket then write your own numbers on it. 

Step 2:

On the back of the lottery ticket, write your full name and date of birth using green inked pen. 

Step 3:

After this write “MIKA BINKAN PAISA MILE” then put your ticket under the pillow. 

Step 4:

When sleeping, meditate that you are actually receiving the winning numbers. 

If performed correctly, then this spell will really help you get the winning number a day before the winning numbers are drawn. 

7. The Mega Million Spell

This incredible spell works best for online and paper ticket lotteries.

Step 1:

Just before the sun sets, go and sit under a tree and repeat the following words 77 times for seven nights, “CHUK NAHOVE DHAN LAKH HOVE SHADHANAK”.

On the eighth day, play a major lottery and you are assured of winning instantly. 

8. Simple Spell Incantation

All that you actually need to do to win lottery prizes from this spell is to say the following words 3 times “By the power of the moon and with positivity bring me now wealth and prosperity bring forth to me harming none, so let it be”. This simple incantation will really help you win huge prizes when you play lottery. 

9. Lottery Jackpot Spell

This spell can help you win lottery jackpots whether you choose to play online or buy physical ticket. Say this words “GAN MEJO PAIKHAJ DO ALJEET”, exactly 777 times just before you buy a lottery ticket. This spell needs to be performed only once per month in order to be effective. 

10. Winning ticket spell 

To perform this spell, you first need to buy lottery ticket.

Step 1:

Once you have the ticket with you, put it down on the floor, then sit in front of the ticket while the sun is shining on the ticket.

Step 2:

Look at your ticket and say these words “HAL KAR GAN ME DOHLAB” exactly 21 times. 

Step 3:

Get a stick then write down what you feel will be the exact winning numbers. 

You need to be patient with yourself because it may take a while before you start seeing positive results from this spell. 

Final verdict 

As discussed above, it is clear that you can greatly increase your odds of winning lottery prizes including jackpots just by performing lottery spells.

If you have been playing lottery for a long period of time but you haven’t won any prize, then the above mentioned lottery spells well greatly increase your chances of winning by helping you choose the winning numbers.

However, to get the result that you are looking for from these spells, you must actually believe that they will work. Your intention also needs to be clear. 

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