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It is very hard to find authentic online psychic website offering services these days. There is countless sites offering database of different psychic advisors, but with very little information presenting the advisors, their services or how to proceed with booking the readings.

Kasamba is different from the rest of such websites in its category. With a selected number of psychic advisors each working in their own category of expertise, with significant experience to be able to provide a quality guidance and advice to its customers.

I will give you a brief presentation of what this company has to offer in terms of services and their advisors as well as how to use platform, to easier decide whether this website is the correct option for you.

Kasamba, what is this website all about?

This website is basically one of online psychic service sites offering different categories to satisfy the needs of users of such content. Kasamba has just a few less than 100 psychics currently available on their website. Compared to some other websites available with same content, this is a quite decent number. The low number also allows for a much easier browsing through advisors and makes it easier for you to find the person who will serve your needs. I found it to also have specifically 87 psychic advisors exclusive to their site only.

Kasamba has been around since 1999. But in 2007 American public company, LivePerson, which is more known for marketing, online analysis development and online messaging, took over the ownership of the website.

On the website you can find different ways to communicate with the psychics. You can use instant psychic chat, or email chat, or even a toll-free number.

As far as payment options go, they offer credit card option as well as PayPal option.

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What does Kasamba offer?

This website offers over 20 categories you can choose from, that allows you to find psychic advisors in much more specific area of your interest, and with that get a higher chance with that psychic to get your questions answered.

Here is a more specific explanation to what I meant. For instance, if you are looking for a palm reading services, what you do is, browse the search engine under “More” button and look for palm reading. The search will present you with all the psychics available to perform that kind of a reading for you. If you are looking for love advice, you also have the option to browse only the psychic advisors specializing in that area.

Categories you can find at Kasamba as listed on their website:

  • Psychic readings; aura, pet, crystal readings, rune casting, psychic mediums, and lectures
  • Love and Relationships – this section has sub-sections which include; breaking up and divorce, single and dating, marital life, gay and lesbian friendly, and soulmate connections
  • Astrology – Chinese and Vedic astrology
  • Other Categories – religion, numerology, paranormal, palm readings, eastern philosophy, new age spirituality, kabbalah and picture reading

If you need advice, for instance let’s say on your being single and really want to meet your soulmate. What you will do on the website is, you will go browse the category Love and Relationship and browse to soulmate connections and click on the chosen category. You will be presented with a list of expert psychics matching your chosen category. All the spiritual advisors on the website have expertise on their displayed categories and have sufficient experience to provide you with professional guidance and answer your questions.

How does the website work?

To be able to successfully use the website, first step is to become a member of Kasamba. The next step will be to purchase a minimum of $10 worth credits to get started. With each spiritual advisor you choose, you get a 3 minute free chat to determine whether the one you have chosen fits your needs or not and whether you wish to proceed with the reading with them or not. You may leave the chat at any time you like.

Once you decide which psychic you would like to take for a private reading and ask your questions, you will be required to pay the psychics their hourly rate. You have two options to choose from when you decide to have a reading with one of Kasamba’s spiritual advisors. The first option is available if your chosen advisor is online, so you would be able to send them an instant message for real-time-reading, but if they are not online at that time, you can leave an email message requesting a reading when they are available.

Choosing psychics on the website

On the website every psychic advisor has their profile displayed for the members to see. So before deciding to go for your 3 minutes of free chat with a specific psychic, you have the option to do some research on your own. Their profile contains their profile picture, expertise, skills, hourly rate, and also their customer reviews. Reviews can be seen even if you are not a registered member, so this way you can browse through experiences people have had with Kasamba’s advisors before you decide to register.


  • User-friendly interface and easy to navigate
  • The free 3-minute chat allows you to get a good feel of the psychic before you invest your money
  • Availability of multilingual psychics
  • Readings are stored in chat rooms for future reference
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back ( a full refund of $50 can be collected if you’re not satisfied with a reading)


  • Screening of psychics is not transparent
  • Customer service lacks phone support – you can only send a ticket
  • Only a select few psychics offer phone communication

For who is Kasamba beneficial?

Kasamba is perfect whether you know what type of reading you want to have for yourself or not. On this website they have an interesting feature for those who can not decide who is the best spiritual advisor for them, it is called the Public board. What you can do with it is you can post a question you have on there and it will be visible to many advisors on the website. To your question you will than receive multiple responses from advisors that can answer the question you have posted and with that you can than decide which one can give you best guidance and advice you need. There for Kasamba is perfect for anyone looking for answers to their questions or just some spiritual guidance in their life.

Kasamba is one of the online psychic sites that has been around for over 10 years. They are committed to provide their clients with 100% satisfaction rate, which shows their advisors are not there just for the money, but for the true purpose of help and guidance on client’s life path.

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