Baba Vanga Predictions

Baba Vanga was born in Strumica, what is now referred to as Macedonia. She later moved to Petrich, Bulgaria. Baba Vanga suffered from ill-health and was a premature baby. Vanga depended on her neighbors in the local area for a long time since her mother had passed away while she was still very young.

She loved to play at healing with her friends. She had blond hair and blue eyes. One day, Vanga was picked up by a tornado and thrown into a field, she was later found with her eyes covered in both dust and sand. She could not be able to open them because her eyes became too painful. After this incident, her eyes began to fail and in 1925, she joined a school for the blind in the city of Zemun. She spent three years in the school for the blind learning how to play the piano and also how to read braille. Her stepmother died, and she had to take over the care of her younger siblings.

In 1939, it was thought that Vanga would die because she had pleurisy. She recovered. In May of 1942, she married Dimitar Gusherov, a person who came to seek her help in finding the people who killed his brother. Gusherov later conscripted into the Bulgarian Army and later died on April first, 1962.

The presence of invisible creatures caused her ability to foresee future events, she claimed. However, she never actually explained what these creatures were. All she said was that they gave her information about people, she also said that lives of everyone standing in front of her were like a movie from the time they were born to the time of death.

She claimed that she talked to and saw people who had died many centuries before. She went ahead and said that aliens have been living on earth for several years. She said that they had come from a third planet, which to them was known as Vamfim, from earth.

Many other researchers have studied her to find out whether she has any actual capabilities. The studies described in a 1977 film, Fenomen, which was directed by Tosheva Nevena, was among the first studies to be conducted by the Bulgarian government. The prominent Bulgarian psychiatrists Georgi Lozanov and Nicola Shipkovensky also took time to study her capabilities. The reports indicated that about 80% of the predictions she made turned out to be very correct. She died on the 11th August in 1996. She had breast cancer. Her house was later converted into a museum.


Baba Vanga Predictions List

2016: “Muslims” will take over Europe that will “stop to exist” as we know it. This campaign of destruction will last for many years. It will drive out populations and leave the entire continent almost empty.
2018: what is now the new China will become the world power and the developing countries, in turn, be operated from exploiters.
2023: the orbit of the earth will change (even though no one knows what this means).
2025: Europe will still be little settled.
2028: the creation of a new energy source. (Likely a controlled thermonuclear reaction). Great levels of the ocean and hunger gradually are overcome.
2033: higher levels of the ocean as polar ice melts.
2043: completion of Europe’s transformation into the Islamic caliphate. The economy of the world thrives under the Muslim rule and Rome is named the capital.
2046: any bodies or organs can be cloned or manufactured. Replacement of organs is becoming one of the best treatment methods.
2066: the United States uses climate as a new kind of weapon, the sharp cooling (or instant freezing). During the attack on the Muslim Rome.
2076: communism. The classless society.
2084: restoring nature.
2088: A new disease emerges. Just aging in a few seconds.
2097: the defeat of the rapid aging disease.
2100: the artificial sun illuminates on the darker side of the planet. This is already in progress since 2008. Using nuclear fusion technology, scientists have been working to create an artificial sun.
2111: people change to living robots.
2123: the big nations don’t interfere with the war between the small nations.
2125: Hungary receives a signal from space.
2130: with the help of sympathetic councils, colonies are established under water.
2164: Animals change into half-humans.
2167: the emergence of a new religion.
2170: experience a major drought
2183: like when the United States demanded independence from England, a colony on Mars demands from earth because they became a nuclear power.
2187: stopping of two large volcano eruptions.
2195: abundant food and energy because the sea colony is fully developed.
2196: Europeans and Asians completely mix.
2201: the temperatures go down as the thermonuclear of the sun processes slows down.
2221: humanity comes into contact with something terrible as a result of the search for the extraterrestrial life.
2256: spacecraft has been forgotten to the new terrible earth disease.
2262: Mars is threatened by the comets as the planets gradually change their planetary orbit.
2271: Laws of physics are changed.
2273: a new race is formed as a result of mixing the black, white and the yellow races.
2279: power is obtained from nothing. Probably a black hole or a vacuum.
2288: new contact with aliens as we travel back in time.
2291: attempts are being made to light the sun again as it cools down.
2296: the sun undergoes a powerful eruption. It changes the force of gravity and begin to fall satellites and the old space stations.

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2299: a guerilla movement against the Islam erupts.
2302: new and important secrets and laws of the universe are revealed.
2304: the secret of the moon is revealed.
2341: something terrible from space approaches the earth.
2354: drought is caused by an accident in one of the artificial sun.
2371: the greatest famine.
2378: a new and fast-growing race.
2480: land is in the twilight as two artificial suns collide.
3005: the wars on Mars planet violates the planet trajectory.
3010: a comet hits the moon and the earth surrounded by a ring of ash and rock.
3797: everything on earth will have died by this time, but the human civilization will have advanced enough to move to a new star system.
3803: the new planet is less populated, and there is less contact with people. People mutate as a result of the effect of the climate.
3805: more than half people die as a result of war for resources.
3815: the war ends.
3854: civilization development virtually stops, and people live the flocks as beasts.
3871: a new prophet tells the people about religion and moral values.
3874: the new prophet receives support from a large population and organizes a new church.
3878: people along with the church are re-trained of the forgotten sciences.
4302: science develops and scientists are discovered in the total impact of diseases
4304: a way to defeat any disease is found.
4308: as a result of mutation, people, at last, begin to use their brains more than 34% and are completely lost in the notion of hatred and evil.
4509: knowing God. Man has reached a level to communicate with God.
4599: Immortality is achieved in human beings.
4674: Civilization development has reached its peak, and the number of people living on various planets is 340 billion, and assimilation begins with the aliens.
5076: with the boundary universe, no one knows.
5078: a decision is made to leave the boundaries of the universe. 40% of the population is against the ruling.
5079. The world ends.


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