Are Psychics Real

The most common question asked in the topic of supernatural is ” are psychics real “, of course psychics are real. It is a simple task of taking your ” gut feeling ” to another level, with some practice, devotion and focus. We call it ” developing psychic abilities “. Every single person from the youngest to the oldest has an ability that they can perfect. Most notice it in their so called ” gut feeling “, which is actually more accurately called intuition. Intuition is mostly the ability of ” clairsentience “, but ” clairvoyance ” is right there second in line to that ‘gut feeling’ of yours.


Everyone is a Psychic! So Are Psychics Real


What do the two mean exactly? Clairsentience means you can sense energy moving around you, and since everything is energy, there’s a lot to sense. And clairvoyance means seeing clearly, that may occur in awake or sleep state of mind, whichever it is, it is the same thing. Now are psychics real? Of course psychics are real. Here was your fist example of that supernatural occurrence that everyone knows, because everyone did experience it at least one time in their lifespan if not more.


Developing psychic abilities


are mediums real

Developing psychic abilities is the key to understanding really the aspect of what the fact of, psychics are real actually means. Looking at the word psychic, all people think off is, something that’s impossible to get, something that is of a dark side, something that should not exist, because it invades other people’s lives. But that is not even remotely so. Being a psychic in expanded sense, meaning having been developing psychic abilities to the point you master them, and are able to look into past, present and future of every person asking questions, also brings forth an instinct, which prevents you from being too curious of your vision and sensation. And that is what people do not understand.

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A true psychic has no need or intention to dig through people’s lives and see what they will find. Psychics also do not like to prove their abilities to people when being asked to do so, doing that is a wrong use of abilities in a way. If you do not believe, why ask than. Read more on Parapsychology on Wikipedia.

So are psychics real? Psychics are real, they just do not like to wear the ” hey I’m a psychic ” sign on their forehead. Their sense of sensitivity to

energy surrounding them is too precious to them to waste it on people who want to prove their wrong as oppose to using it for people that need help getting themselves back on track of life path. When given abilities that belong to ‘supernatural’ world in a way, misusing the abilities just makes no sense to a true psychic.

It is up to you to decide Everyone’s a psychic in their own development stage, so picture people coming to you, asking you to share that “gut feeling” of yours, just to tell you nothing of that which you just said means anything to them. Well why do they ask than? Asking you to use your precious time, solo on the fact they have a negative response to your offered help.

Do you have to believe in psychics to make it more real than you believe in it? No. Everyone has a choice to believe what they wish, that is the power of free will. Everyone has their own free will to use and no one can change that. So if you are once again asked the question ” are psychics real “, whether the answer is psychics are real or Developing Psychic Abilitiespsychics are not real it is always going to be up to you.


Supernatural world


Supernatural has always been that feared topic. Not so much because strange and harmful things are attached to that word. But more so because it is the unknown, totally not understood and it requires an opened mind to find it an ok situation to be accepted. The biggest issue here is the fact people never wanted to talk about it, because it felt wrong to be so right. But what we do not understand, does not mean is wrong, it means just that, we do not understand it.

When supernatural is a topic of conversation a lot of understanding and open mindedness is in demand. Psychics are part of that supernatural world, not because they fit just there, but because people put them there by default, just being opened in their conversation about their emotions and sensations regarding the world around us.

But really they are merely people, simple people, that had the chance to focus on developing psychic abilities and are more aware of what is there for them to see and feel, as oppose to the other percentage of people that still do possess the ability to look inside and see the very same things, but just choose not to. So you see, being asked ” are psychics real “, clairvoyants are real, really are, and you can get clairvoyant reading online, we just do not understand we all are psychics, just on different level of development.

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Judy Nyssa Tanko

Judy Nyssa Tanko

Psychic Clairvoyant

Psychic Nyssa is a Psychic Clairvoyant. She’s been aware of her gift since she was 6. As you go into a reading she never knows what information is going to come forth, once you ask a question the flow starts happening and she will tell you all she sees, hears, senses etc.
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