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10 Minutes Absolutely Free Psychic Reading

Absolutely Free Psychic Reading myth or real?

Many websites promote absolutely free psychic reading, but once you come on to the site, the free readings are hard to find. Well mostly because to get that free reading there is this unwritten rule every psychic goes by, and I think I should explain it a little bit so you understand why those free readings do not happen to you.

Psychics work with their guides, intuition, and rules of energy flow. Sounds complicated? Not at all. Let me explain in a very every day manner, so you are hungry and you go to the grocery store to get an apple, you can not just walk in take an apple and walk out the store with it without paying for it first, correct? Now this was complicated, rules of energy are much more simple put. To get something you need to give something, meaning time, effort, kindness, engagement, familiarity, in other words for exchange there must be a flow between you and the psychic you are aiming to get a reading from.

So every single website that promotes free readings, one free daily card, or one free question, they normally do that promotion in their free chat rooms, but they have a specific way to select people who will get the free reading. And believe me when I say everyone can get it, but you need to put some effort and patience in the process as well.

Are absolutely free psychic readings appropriate for everyone?

Absolutely free psychic readings are not for everyone. If you need your answer straight away, and you are a new person on the psychic website it is highly likely your approach with urgency, despair and aggression will not work. Psychic advisors don’t like to be rushed, as spiritual world on the other side does not like to be rushed. And kindness and allowing the flow to run between you and psychic advisor is not possible if you approach from anger angle.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with it, everyone finds self in such position once in a while, but for those type of readings, giving psychic time to bring the most out of the situation, will benefit both a lot more than trying to speed up the process and just force the answer.

How to get yourself a free psychic reading?

10 minutes Free Psychic Reading NOWNow as we cleared out the fact that free psychic reading does exist and you are able to get it on any website promoting it, now let’s see how to make sure you get that reading for yourself. First step you need to take will definitely be signing up as a member. Now signing up is absolutely free, so is not to worry about having to pay for it, to sign up only means you will have a nick name you will use to interact with in 100 % free psychic chat room and let psychics get familiar with who you are, and how you go about certain topics you engage in talking to psychic and the group that is in their room.

Visiting rooms you like and your loyalty vibrates the feeling of belonging to their group and with that you give self bigger chances that you will be getting at least one if not many free opportunities to get free readings.

There is a lot of mistrust in signing up as member mostly due to not wanting to share credit card information. So even the adds that promise 100 % free psychic chat no credit card required, do not give people confidence to go ahead and sign up. I advise you just go ahead and sign up, on Oranum signing up is absolutely free, the system asks for no information about credit card what so ever.

Also in the past years credit card is not the only manner of payment, and online most popular payment lately is actually paypal, which is much safer and easier for use. So even for all that have no credit card option, you still can purchase your credits if you ever decide on doing so via paypal.

As I mentioned before in the past years there has been more and more psychic websites online these days, but not all of them are same. With some websites you will be asked to fill out the space asking for credit card or any other payment method. Those will be different from the get go. But never the less will you be able to get a few minutes free for your private reading with a psychic, and also on website that are of that origin, meaning where you are required to fill out the payment method as well, you will also get those free minutes in private with your preferred psychic, but will probably be charged with the rest of the reading as minutes pass, where with the websites that offer free psychic chat rooms, there your free psychic readings will be done in public sort of speak, meaning with many members reading what you ask about, but they will be 100% free.

However If you want to dive into researching the spiritual world through psychic sides you should always look for the ones with 100 % free psychic chat or free online psychic chat rooms, this way you know the focus of websites is to bring the psychic advisors closer to you, to get to know them and have a conversation with them, so you can establish if they are the right person to bring clarity to your situation, before you have to pay for your reading. Those 100% free chat rooms are client friendly environment. Oranum is definitely the best one out there.

How to choose a Psychic for a Private Reading?

First thing you have to do when looking for a psychic for a private reading is choose a psychic expert. Free Live Psychic Reading Online Chat All the websites offer a wide variety of psychic experts, specializing in different areas of spiritual based help, that people can choose from. But the only website offering you interaction with psychic experts for free is Oranum. Free chat is on get to know base encouraging you to ask questions about their work, their experience, their field of specialty, and the process of reading. But before all that, make sure you yourself know what divination method of reading you would actually like to experience.

Oranum uses free chat for introductory purposes, for people to see what their psychics can do, what people can expect in private readings, so free chat is where people are given actual demo readings, to show their reading technique, and give people an idea of what to expect in private reading. These readings are not a mock up readings showing how they do their readings, they are actual readings, actual answering questions of randomly selected people in the free chat room. All you need is a bit of luck and patience.

Let me show you how to get totally free psychic reading

Every psychic on Oranum has their own profile established online, so take time and read their biography, their work, their private video where they speak about what they do and who they are. Seeing the video is actually a beneficial feature giving you opportunity to see how comfortable they are with knowing what they do and how they do it, and with that you get to see what their speaking style is like. Also don’t only rely on their words in biography or their personal video but go through their clients reviews on the readings and see what they have to say. Only then if they feel right should you decide on paying for a reading.

How to get the most out of your psychic reading?

Get Absolutely Free Psychic ReadingWhat you absolutely need to know when having a psychic reading is your state of mind at that time. Feeling stressed or not trusting your psychic of a choice may cause a gap between what your psychic of a choice is saying and what you are receiving. You must be wondering what that even means?

Well when you receive your reading it is not all about words you are hearing, half of the actual help is in the vibration that comes through from psychic to you, to help you push through the issue you are experiencing. Not trusting your psychic causes that flow of vibration that they offer, to not get to you, you subconsciously block it with the void of mistrust you create between you and the psychic.

Psychic reading is a delicate process. You allow the person reading you to read your energy, who you really truly are, with nothing hiding behind the vail. And if you do not trust them the information is blurry and unclear, very hard to interpret and with that you can not get that 100% help you need.

So with that said I suggest you do take your time and get to know your psychic and their ways, know that you trust them before going into a payed reading with them. You will want to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible when receiving a reading from your chosen psychic expert.

Is privacy in psychic reading important to you?

Payed reading is a great option for those who want to keep their issues private. In absolutely free chat rooms, everyone sees what you write about, ask about, what you issues are. Obviously depending on subject you need guidance on, but many of the subjects are sensitive topics not very appropriate to talk about in public. So better option is to keep it just between you and your psychic in private reading, which is despite the live video feed private.

Going into private reading opens a window for a call between you and the psychic only. The privacy of private reading can go even further than that, you may use a nickname that does not in any way indicate your true identity, unless you want the psychic to know your information. Obviously if you are relaxed and trust your psychic, you may even turn on your camera and have a conversation where you can both see and hear each other, if you are shy by nature nor camera or microphone are mandatory, you can simply type your questions in the gap and let psychic talk to you or even ask them to type the answers.

Getting a free reading only on occasions when a ‘demo reading’ is scheduled is not the only way to do it. Let me share something with you. Psychic experts are only human, and that means they do cherish friendly clients, as I mentioned before, people who respect and like them for who they truly are and what they do. So a very good way to get yourself a free reading every now and then is to take time, find your psychic that you feel most comfortable and connected with, and make a friend.

Is making friends the key to totally free psychic reading?

What does that mean? Well it does not mean you should rome around rooms and make friends with just every psychic you encounter, it also has to be the psychic you believe has most accuracy in readings and gives most information in readings. On top of that you have to trust them with sharing your personal information and let them help you, so with other words being comfortable and connected as I said before. That way even your absolutely free psychic readings will have just that, accuracy and information that will help you on your path, and you will not even have to say much, since the psychic will be in tune with your vibration and will mostly pick up the vibration you come in the chat room with from the moment you come in.

And a little assistance on the inside information, making friends with psychics is a bit more complicated than the usual friendship you Free psychic reading without credit card would form. To gain a full, doubt free, friendship with them, some level of devotion will be needed. Patience will be the key, since you will have to use a strategy. I will explain shortly what that means.

So if you surf from room to room and observe their work, listen to what they talk about, and see if you correspond with what they talk about. Now when you have chosen the psychic, now patience starts to play a big role. Do not go entering room after room and copy pasting the question you need answered just like that. That is one thing they are very sensitive about and many times doing it can label you so they will not even on a good day interact with you. And you don’t want to have that label.

Take your time, ask questions as I mentioned before, such as, how long have you been doing this, what are your tools, how does it feel doing this, what is your take on angels, energies or different topics you can think off…so get them to talk about topics you are interested in make them interact with you. That way a psychic will have some idea of who you are and how you correspond to them, and talking to them also gives them some information about you, because conversation opens up the energy field and they have an easy read in the future. With all the interaction you get to know them as well, which is basis of a friendship, correct? Now that we have covered this topic inside out, you are all good to go to ask a free psychic question and get a potential Absolutely Free Psychic Reading.

Do you know what kind of reading you want to have?

Now all of the above is helpful when it comes to strategies to get yourself answers to your questions. But it does not cover the topic of what kind of reading is right for you. If you do not know what different ways one can connect to your energy to be able to read you than it is very hard to know what kind of reading you want, or who you want to read you. So this quick look at what different psychics use and how they connect might help you decide on that topic.


Now the first topic we can look at is the Clairvoyant psychics, those who do not use any tools, well they might as well use tools, but for an actual reading their way of going about will be relying on what they see, hear, smell, taste or feel around them. It is rare to have all the senses in one, but than also not as rare as you would think, but most will either hear and see, or just hear or feel what is around them and be able to give you quite detailed answers to your questions. One of more known clairvoyant psychic branches is definitely mediumship, which means direct communication with the spirit who have already crossed over. Another would be channeling, which means translating direct messages from other side to this reality, serving as a channel. I guess you get the idea of what clairvoyant psychic is now.

Card readers

Completely free psychic reading onlineNow the next divination method you definitely have heard of is card readers. There is so many different cards on the market to choose from it is impossible to mention every single one of them. But surely you have heard of Tarot cards before, it is one of the more known cards reading tool. It has 78 cards, each meaning something different, helping the reader to interpret the outcomes.

There are also angel cards, already equipped with the interpretation of each card, so once drawn you can just read the message.

And than there is gypsy cards, these are awesome in reading quick and straight forward messages. The images imply the direct outcomes.

You can also use simple playing cards to serve as tarot cards given the same number of cards, and the same groups of symbols.

Now tarot card readers will be very insightful and their answers will be quite close to those you would get by a clairvoyant reader, in some cases even more detailed, since cards are only as limited as their reader. And many card readers are very skilled readers with years of experiences, so you can be sure of getting a quality reading from most readers online.

Rune reading

Than there is also some more unknown ways to read, but still fun to observe. There are these cute little stones, sometimes chips or wooden pieces called runes, this method is actually less used, mostly because there is not much written on topic of interpretation of the runes, and what a person has to rely on is their own senses, so not everyone can do it. There are also two different sets of runes you can choose from. One is witches runes, which are easier to interpret due to simpler symbols and lesser number of runes, only 12 pieces. The other set is an actual runic alphabet, called Futhark runes, they are a set of 24 pieces.

Pendulum reading

The divination many psychic like to use much is a pendulum. Mostly they would ask yes or no questions and get a fairly quick and clear answer with it. It is not at all complicated to use, and there is so many different pendulums to choose from, all from different crystal pendulums, to different wood pendulums, also some metal ones with different shapes and sizes. You would see many psychics on Oranum using pendulum in demo readings.

Astrology and Numerology

There is also two different ways to do readings, that are a bit different. I am talking about Astrology and Numerology. These two both deal with numbers, one with date of birth and location of birth and the other with numbers you can find in your name, date of birth, locations etc.

Astrology is the harder one to understand, if you are only looking at the main frames of what your sun and moon signs are and what planets rule your chart. But if you want to use it as a deeper character builder, than you might need an expert on the topic. Astrology can also be used as a very good tool to determine what aspect of life you will be addressing in the days, months, years ahead. If you ever do get curious and want to know more about yourself and your own path, this reading will never disappoint. It is definitely not the kind of reading that will give you a future answer in topic of whether that boy or that girl you are with will stay or not. It is however a definite mind blowing reading that gives you such an in depth introduction to yourself it makes life quite a lot more interesting. This is also a very good reading to do with email reading option, since you than get a written form of what you are asking about.

Numerology on the other hand is not as complicated as astrology is. Numerology everyone with a little bit of focus, some time and patience can find a very resourceful tool to go about life. Mostly one needs to know all about number meanings from 1 to 9 and some master numbers, karmic numbers and how to transform letters into numbers.

The rest is up to a set of good notes, which need to be collected by reading a book or three on numerology number meaning and what piece of information about you fits what reading, like for example, your date of birth adds up to life path number, letters of the name transformed in numbers add up to destiny number. Now knowing the numbers meanings can also give you a sense of direction with street numbers, lucky numbers in games etc.

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Judy Tanko

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Psychic Judy Tanko is a Psychic Clairvoyant. She’s been aware of her gift since she was 6. As you go into a reading she never knows what information is going to come forth,once you ask a question the flow starts happening and she will tell you all she sees, hears, senses etc.
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